Lab of Dreams: Building a Makerspace with Girls

YYC Maker Education Stage: Presentation Schedule 2015

I immediately knew that I was going to give a fantastic talk when I walked into the TELUS Spark Science Theatre… I realized that the track lighting illuminating the theatre matched perfectly with the violet LED earrings glowing in my ears!

Most notably, I presented inspiring artifacts and stories created by my 101 Technology Fun team of co-researchers. I also discussed fun ways for empowering girls to build, code, hack, make, and create change.

During the panel discussion, a diverse team of five experts and I answered the following questions to give the audience a deeper understanding of maker education. A pleasure to engage in conversation with such passionate educators!

1. Many teachers worry about new concepts and ideas becoming trends that will fade away. Do you think maker education is a trend?

2. What is the importance, power, or impact of making, both in and out of the classroom?

3. Someone once said that they worry both formal and informal educational settings are ‘co-opting the spirit of the Maker Movement’ and were turning the idea into something less ‘pure’ than it was meant to be. What are your thoughts on this statement?

Paula MacDowell