YVR Pop-Up Makerspace

The Event
Join Mozilla, the Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver Maker Foundation, Mainland Advanced Research Society and a coterie of community partners for the Vancouver Hive Pop-Up Makerspace! This learning event is a celebration of hands-on digital literacy for makers of all ages. Dig in and play with machines in our open creative space, learn about the city’s various learning pathways, and use your brain’s experimental side. Let’s bridge formal and informal education and launch the Hive Learning Community in Vancouver together!

The Format
This event will be a semi-unstructured, collaborative, creativity-inspiring experience for people of all ages interested in learning new things — bring your kids, your grandpa and your parents! There is no strict agenda, and we think just a touch of chaos is good for learning. There will be multiple activity stations set up around the Inspiration Lab and Peter Kaye & Alma Vandusen Room at the Vancouver Public Library. This gives everyone the opportunity to work on the projects that they personally find interesting. We encourage you to spend time at many stations and work on many different things.

Featured Activity Stations

• Marshmallow Coding Education Society – Make personalized binary bracelets by encoding your initials in binary!

• VIVO Media Arts Centre – Fireside Chat with local maker movement advocate Emily Smith on youth maker projects by VIVO Media Arts.

• Science World – “Squishy Circuits” Electric play-dough? You bet! Use special-formula play dough to make circuits that light up, make sounds, and even control a computer!

• How We Learn Lab – Learn how to Hack Your Smartphone into a Mini 3D Hologram Projector!

• Industry Training Authority (ITA) – Make Paper Circuits using copper tape, LEDs and batteries by combining crafts and electronics.

• Access to Media Education (AMES) – Tell your story, create an animated short of who you are and what you care about.

• Mozilla Webmaker – Help make the web with the new Mozilla Webmaker for Android App.

• Vancouver Public Library – Expand your digital knowledge through carefully selected apps; explore what the Inspiration Lab has to offer and try out our photo editing stations.

• Mainland Advanced Research Society (MARS) – Learn how the Internet has changed the world and understand how this change affects you and your community.

Great friendly people and fun activities!