Girls Hack @ UBC

The Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy (EDCP) will host an all-girl hackathon to empower teen girls, inspire them to become innovators in STEM fields, and lead the way to the future through creative experiences in coding, collaborative prototyping, mentorship, and technology education.

Funding partners include:
WWEST Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology
eng-cite The Goldcorp Professorship for Women in Engineering at UBC
HWL Lab UBC How We Learn (Media & Technology) Across the Lifespan Project
AMBL Labs Advanced Molecular Biology Labs
Geering Up Engineering & Science for Kids

One of the intended outcomes of this event is to offer diverse girls an empowering opportunity to experience the format of a hackathon for themselves, giving them the confidence to compete at other hackathons and to have fun creating change with code. We also intend to expand mindsets by strengthening the voices and visibility of female coders as changemakers, social innovators, and world builders. Furthermore, we want to raise awareness amongst young women that creative coding is another medium for self-expression, and technology is a field to which they belong.

Our project team is committed to providing a respectful, inclusive, and non-stigmatizing learning environment. We invite anyone in grades 8-12 who identifies as a girl or is genuinely interested to engage in an all-girl hackathon. Please know that we have an inclusive view of the word “girl” and we welcome trans, genderqueer, and non-binary youth. Boys are encouraged to explore registration into one of our collaborator’s workshops (

No prior coding experience is required. The event will have collaborative and competitive hacking challenges that involve creative computing, coding for social change, and wearable technologies.

Please contact me if you are interested to be a mentor or a participant. Thanks!