UBC Centennial Maker Event

Date: April 7th, 2016
Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Location: AMS Nest: Agora – Lower Level

Event Description:
If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to make a keyboard out of bananas, learn how to 3D print a miniature version of your favourite sculpture, or find out how to make your old robot vacuum into an abstract expressionist painter, then you might be interested in attending the UBC Centennial Maker Faire.

Even if you haven’t casually pondered how to hack your refrigerator, other folks certainly have and they make up a vibrant and creative community of hobbyists, tinkerers, creators, tech enthusiasts and other Do-It-Yourself-ers. Collectively known as makers, they are pushing the boundaries of new technologies, repurposing old ones, and delighting us with their seemingly limitless creativity along the way.

The UBC Centennial Maker Faire is a showcase of innovative and creative projects from the various UBC maker communities around campus, including: Soldering Art (Engineering Physics Lab); Hovercraft (Physics & Astronomy); Robot Arm/Gripper (Open Robotics); Solar Vehicle (UBC Solar); Live Coding, Dragon Head, Laser Cutter & Circuit Projects (Geering Up); Google Cardboard & Holograms (How We Learn Lab); Arduino Kits & Button Making (Education Library); and Papertronices & Green Screen Selfie Station (Educational Technology Support).

I am looking forward to engaging with makers (of all ages) at our maker education table. My research team and I can show you how to hack your smartphone into a mini 3D hologram projector. Experience google cardboard virtual reality and explore the best apps for teaching programming and coding (grades K-12).

The more, the merrier!