Research Origami

I hacked my doctoral thesis! Here is my entire study of maker girls and maker culture represented on one page.

I created a research origami to summarizes my study in a concise and designerly way. This is significant because decoration and style are important elements in both the work and lives of my tween-aged co-researchers. The origami metaphor highlights an important subtext within the context of my work, representing the folding and unfolding of my team’s dataset into a multi-faceted and multi-perspective scholarly format that invites an unlimited play of interpretations (of interpretations of interpretations).

The origami illustrates that there are no ultimate or unquestioned ways or magic formulas for understanding the complexity and diversity of girls’ experiences, expressions, and positions within technology.

Like the art of origami, my doctoral research is a dynamic and creative process of construction and deconstruction (subject to negotiation, interpretation, and enabling constraints), as well as a designed end product that has permanence or longevity. As a one-dimensional sheet of paper can be transformed into a variety of stimulating and multi-dimensional origami forms, my study also has transformative potential: by listening to girls and to each other, including our shifting subjectivities, we can come to know from many viewpoints and remain open to knowledge that is partial, dynamic, and constructed in particular social contexts.

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