Play is Education

In Play is Education, Neville Scarfe (1962) demonstrates how play is “the most complete educational process of the mind, and is Natureʼs ingenious device for ensuring that each individual achieves knowledge and wisdom.” He cautions that “we neglect at our peril to ensure that the spirit of play continues throughout all school and adult educational studies.”

The highest form of research is essentially play” argues Scarfe, founding Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia. As a scholar, administrator, teacher, humanitarian, and public figure, Scarfe made profound contributions to public education, writing over 100 articles and giving numerous speeches around the world. As a critical advocate for educational reform, Scarfe was not afraid to challenge the status quo. His pedagogical theories and practices were characterized as being compassionate, creative, provocative, and widely respected (UBC Library, Senate Tributes).

Here is a fun photo of my research team @ play in the UBC Rose Garden! We are members of the How We Learn (Media & Technology Across the Lifespan) Lab, Faculty of Education, Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy: