MAKE, multi-touch eBook

What are you making? What are you sharing? What’s your story?

MAKE is the creative and intellectual work of a team of teacher-learners engaged in the art of making meaning together. MAKE features an eclectic collection of artifacts, stories, poetry, photography, ethnodrama, and 
research sparking new insights around innovation in curriculum and pedagogical design.

We welcome you to join us in our journey, “let us take what we have learned from our courses and from each other and fly on eagles’ wings to (s)p(l)aces beyond our imagination” (Stuart, 2016). Made for you by the NVC4 2016 graduate cohort in Curriculum Studies at The University 
of British Columbia.

MAKE: Creativity and Learning in a New Tonality

Authors: EDCP 508 Collective

Editor: Paula MacDowell

Publication Date: March 13, 2016

Format: Interactive, multi-touch eBook

Requirements: Available on iPad, iPhone, or Mac.


Paula MacDowell

Paula MacDowell