Jordan’s 3D Printed, Glitter-Shooting Arm Prosthetic

You can read more about Jordan’s prototype on her website or People or Science Alert. Born Just Right is a short video in which Jordan tells her inspiring story.

STEAM education is important because all children deserve opportunities to be the inventors, creators, and makers of the technologies that make our world, and thereby take part in changing who controls, owns, and shapes our future.

I believe that gender equity in technology-related studies and professions is essential to push the human race forward. Lack of female representation has serious consequences for girlhood, womanhood, and our future society, as Ashcraft, Eger & Friend (2012) report: “If technology is designed mostly by the half of our population that’s male, we’re missing out on the innovations, solutions, and creations that 50% of the population could bring.”

At the heart of innovation is not technology, but human diversity. A gender-inclusive culture of engineers, scientists, and technology leaders who can connect their skills with their communities to work together on the challenges of creating a just, harmonious, and sustainable world, with meaning, purpose, and quality of life for all.

Thank you Jordan, for your ingenuity, inquisitiveness, determination, and vitality. May you continue to expand horizons and apply your diverse talents towards designing a brighter world for girls everywhere.