ECER 2016, Dublin

Here is some information about my current research:
Alongside Youth (Makerspaces for Civic Technologies and Child Advocacy)

Conference: ECER 2016, Leading Education: The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers

Network: Research on Children’s Rights in Education

Session: Digital and Civic Spaces

Research questions that I am exploring:
1. How might we design social media and social networks (e.g., online makerspace communities) to foster civic engagement and expression amongst youth?
2. How do we measures of the design, development, and feasibility of technology-enabled learning environments for youth in challenging contexts (e.g., urban slum areas, remote villages, aboriginal reserves, and socially or economically disadvantaged locations)?
3. How can socially relevant technologies enable children and other minority voices to find their voice and make it heard around the world (as counter-narratives to hegemonic media messages)?

Each of these lines offers powerful challenges and opportunities for opening new avenues of ethical research involving children’s rights, education, and wellbeing.