Beyond Interaction

Featured image and insights from Peter-Paul Verbeek’s cover story:
Beyond Interaction: A short introduction to mediation theory.”

What lies at the intersection of interaction design (IxD) and philosophy of technology? Verbeek (2015) reports:

Philosophy of technology can offer conceptualizations of the relations between humans and technologies that deepen our understanding of what interaction can mean in interaction design. At the same time, the field of interaction design is a rich source of inspiration for philosophy of technology, as the place where new types of human-technology relations emerge, and where designer intent and use practices meet. The concept of mediation can be the bridge between the fields… Designing interactions is designing relations between human beings and the world, and, ultimately, designing the character of the way in which we live our lives.

What lies at the intersection of IxD, children, artifacts, and stories?

How do girls, through their artifact making and designerly practices, story themselves and express their understandings of technology?

How do girls articulate their experiences of girlhood-in-interaction-with-technology?

I address these design-based research questions (and more) in my doctoral thesis:
Empowering girls as change makers in maker culture.

Paula MacDowell