Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?

This piece was written to me by a man who never ceases to inspire and teach me. Thought I’d share.

The billboards are all over the city. Media coverage is global. It is the rage. Everyone is talking peace. The idea is sold with ease and is accepted with delight. But has anyone actually made a sale?

Thinking is violent. With every thought the synaptic nerve fires off a myriad of mind blowing charges. The devastating percussion blasts give off destructive thuds on a molecular level as the war machine begins to turn. Digging deep I dive into my cranial hardrive. I pull countless lists and menus of information and knowledge to the forefront of my mind. I did not realize that I was capable of so much violence. The more thoughts I have the more I stock my armaments to destroy and violate. An endless supply of fuel!

Death, genocide, torture… hahaha, I revel in my power. Cruelty is my friend. I am becoming drunk with power as I squash the weak. The momentum is growing as I consider my vast and dark vocabulary. Satan reigns as I unknowingly serve him through my own selfishness! The inertia is great and now I must find a way to translate this great power to a more practical and physical realm. Who needs peace with such power to revel in. I create my own peace. In my own way.

Peace should… what is this word that has crept into my vocabulary, my thoughts. Peace. I know this word. As strange as it seems. My cursor has involuntarily pulled up another menu. Love, tenderness… my thoughts are slowing. Create and nurture. What is going on? My breathing slows as I stop to contemplate and meditate this new and wondrous concept. I can hear my heart for the first time as it pounds against my ribcage. Peace. Inner peace. Positive thought. Introspective meditation. The whirlwind of madness is slowly losing momentum and now I just coast. Soaring in peaceful thought and the silence of my mind I come to realize my senses and feel the cool breeze on my face and the smell of salt from the ocean… WOW!

As I roll to a stop I come out of my meditation and realize that my thoughts were of affection. Love. Thinking does not have to be violent. It need be slow and clear. Not blurred by the fast moving pace of emotion and culture. It can be rejuvenating and calming if disciplined enough to overcome and stand firm against the incessant tide of outside influence. Thought and knowledge in of itself is not violent. It is the disposition of the human character and subject to our environment and sense of spirituality.

We all long to be peaceful. We just need ignore our own sense of self and realize there is more than just the material, the present. Thought in its very nature is a physical happening but at the same time is beyond and more. Here is a thought. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Short term effects aren’t guaranteed, but I do believe that this is a worthy long term investment. This line of thinking brings a knowledge that we can bring peace through the spiritual manifesting itself in a physical form.

War and Peace

Tolstoy, Leo. (1922). War and Peace. Volume 5 & 6, Chapter XV, p. 54. New York, NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons.